Pete Smith -  Get in the Game – You Can’t Win if You Don’t Play  

No one ever joined the major leagues to bunt. When we consider how many people lie their personal and professional lives, however, that’s exactly what they’re doing: Playing it safe. What if, instead, you’re meant to swing away and win the game? Based on Pete’s book Dare to Matter, attendees will be inspired, challenged and entertained as they travel through the detailed framework designed to help busy HR professionals’ live life through a lens of significance, not just success. Beginning with the foundation of choice, and ending with a focus on impacting others, each phase is designed to shift the way HR professionals think, expand their vision, and uncover their deepest desires and perceived limitations…all lessons Pete learned from having a stroke. Get ready to poke the lion.

 Val Grubb - Built to Grow: Leadership Metrics (and Strategies to Turn Your HR Department into an Engine for Growth)

Most company leaders focus their time and energies on sales, marketing and production, not on overhead departments such as HR. That spells OPPORTUNITY as it gives you the chance to show off your leadership chops! Unfortunately, more times than not, HR leaders are focused on the day-today tasks, they miss that their own department is not structured properly and can actually hurt a company’s grown opportunity. Join Valerie Grubb as she provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a dynamic team and flexible structure that can support the organization as it expands to meet customer needs. You will learn that what you do today may not support your organization in the face of expansion (and what to do about it). You will walk away with the 10 secrets of creating a department and organization Built to Grow! During this highly interactive session, you will learn how revenue growth affects a company’s structure and what to do to prepare your department and organization for expansion.

 Steve Donahue - Make an Epic Journey on Shifting Sands

In the Sahara Desert Steve Donahue needed to change to survive. He shares his hard-won wisdom with leaders navigating journeys of challenge and uncertainty. Using case studies, the latest brain research, music, original video, interactive participation and gripping stories from his own adventures, Steve Donahue will show how HR can inspire innovation and risk taking while building collaboration across generations. You will learn how narrative can drive change or keep individuals and organizations “stuck in their story” along with specific tools that create the roles, plot lines and themes of transformation.

Terrianne Procida - Healthcare Trends in the Trumpcare Era

Rising health care costs, new presidential priorities, and a changing regulatory environment leaves employers to carefully balance the cost and coverage of group plans like never before. With so many plan types and design choices, employers must carefully mitigate costs for both themselves and their employees in order to offer benefits that will attract and retain top talent. To accomplish this, employers’ strategies vary widely by region, group size and industry, making benchmarking critical when sitting at the bargaining table and educating employees about their options. This session will provide an overview of the latest findings from the United Benefit Advisors® (UBA) Health Plan Survey, the nation’s largest proprietary health plan benchmarking survey. UBA board member Terrianne Procida can share the latest trends from thousands of employers across the nation regarding healthcare plan costs, emerging plan decisions under the new Republican administration, and the impact of the changes on their employees and businesses. Joining Terrianne is UBA partner Kevin Roller, who can break the data findings down even further to show the specific trends in PA.

 Christine Clapp - Develop Your Executive Presence

Whether in the board room, around the proverbial “water cooler,” at a conference, on the phone, or anywhere else: your ability to speak with confidence will drive your career forward – just a lack of confidence will frustratingly hold you back. This session provides a set of powerful insights and practical strategies that will rapidly transform your public speaking anxiety and apprehension into poise and polish. Get ready to develop your speaking skills and executive presence in a way that will transform your career – and change your life!

 Deb Keller - Background Checks: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Organization

In today’s litigious environment, performing background checks is more important than ever. In this session attendees will learn the real reasons an organization should perform background checks & the components of a truly comprehensive background check – what you need and what you don’t need. Learn how to avoid common compliancy problems & hot areas for litigation. And, learn where criminal records come from, the difference between manual and on-line searches along with potential dangers of using instant data.

 Patty Lawrence, CMA - Accounting 101 for the HR Professional  

Accounting is the language of business. HR professionals are responsible for a significant amount of the company's costs concerning compensation and benefits plans. It is essential that HR practitioners familiarize themselves with accounting procedures. This interactive seminar will present an introduction to accounting practices and will provide participants with the understanding they need to interact effectively with accounting and finance departments in their companies.

 Samm Smeltzer - Providing Permission to Fail through Creativity  

We are taught to believe that failure equates with mistake, with error, with wrong. What is often overlooked is that failure is actually an opportunity; an opportunity to practice vulnerability. Our response as leaders to this “vulnerability opportunity” has the potential to be formative personally, as well as for our organization. Through a narrative presentation, participants will explore how powerful messages are sent and received through both failure and our response to failure. Through creative discussion and engagement, we will shift this “failure paradigm” and realign our personal and organizational thinking in effort to maximize our learning falling failure, and ultimately our growth.

 Eric Athey, Esq - Workplace LGBT Issues

This session provides an update on the laws, regulations and case law relevant to the employment of individuals who identify as LGBT. Topics will include the impact of same sex marriage on employee benefits, the status of domestic partners under state and federal law, coverage of LGBT individuals under employment discrimination laws and other emerging issues.

 Lisa Ryan - Smart Strategies that Engage Employees

If you want your organization to be a force for the future, it is critical to connect with your employees and volunteers more powerfully than ever. Legendary cultures start with commitment to paying attention to little things. Gratitude Strategies - Grategies® - focus on Principal with a capital “P”. When an employee or volunteer feels they matter, they give you their productivity, their loyalty and their commitment to stay. This session is chock full of ideas that will keep your top talent from becoming someone else’s. “Sweat the Small Stuff” gives you the tools you need to succeed.

  Pamela Murray   Kim Eberbach - Talent Acquisitions Strategies

Finding talent has never been easier than it is today; yet many companies have not moved into the 21st century when it comes to sourcing strategies. While finding talent may be easier, retaining talent is not. More than 80 percent of new employees decide whether or not to stay with a company within the first six months of being hired, and nearly one in three leave within that first year. To write the new chapter in talent acquisition and onboarding, companies need to adopt leading practices, new tactics and strategies that allow them to better select, assimilate, and retain employees - especially those deemed as critical to organizational success. Moving to the next generation requires a new mindset - sourcing talent proactively, utilizing social media and deploying an onboarding strategy that immerses new employees in the company’s culture and vision and focuses on experiences rather than tasks – is your company ready to come on board? This seminar is devised to be educational, informative, interactive and includes case studies.

Fiona Jamison - Growing Your Human Capital

Analytics Capabilities Human Capital Analytics (HCA) is a rapidly growing field and one that can be daunting for many HR professionals. Through the presentation of an analytics maturity model and various case studies, attendees will learn a strategic approach to advanced analytics and how to apply to their organizations. Attendees will also learn to build their own HCA team that is able to drive the business forward.

Lois Dostalik - Strategy & Culture: The Path to Talent Management

Mindset matters. Culture is the 10 -ton gorilla. Strategy is undervalued. Leveraging employees’ talents, experiences, skills, and passions is the difference between good companies and bad companies. This presentation explains the belief that mindset, culture and strategy are three critical drivers of engaged and high performing employees. In this session attendees will learn to recognize the components of mindset, culture and strategy from an HR perspective; be able to describe how impactful synergies to capitalize on an organization’s talent can be created by focusing on mindset, culture and strategy; identify the core characteristics of a blended strategic mindset.

 Jim Southwarth, Esquire - Pot on the Job in Pennsylvania

Medical marijuana will have an impact on employers in Pennsylvania and other states across the country. In this informative session, participants will understand and articulate the legal pathway for medical marijuana use; understand the nexus with current employer policies; and develop a plan for updating their employer’s policies and procedures.

 Robert Skacel, PhD - Therein Lies the Rub: Strategies for Taming Abusive, Yet High Performing Leaders

We’ve all encountered abrasive leaders in the workplace – those high performers who demonstrate poor conduct and cause emotional distress to co-workers. They have a reputation for getting the job done and may therefore be seen as indispensable, yet they wreak havoc along the way in the forms of damaged relationships, demoralized subordinates, and contaminated organizational culture. Such individuals present unique challenges to HR professionals and the organizations that they serve. Through a combination of presented material and case study review, participants will gain an understanding of various factors that cause and maintain abrasive leadership behaviors, and explore options for intervening. So, whether you are a direct recipient of abrasive leadership, or are in a position where you must guide others in your organization to better cope with the abrasive leaders they encounter, this presentation will equip you for the challenge.

Ira Wolfe  - Recruiting Elusive Talent in the Age of Googilization

When the Shift hit the HR Fan. Staffing is at the epicenter of Massive Technological disruption. Tried and true recruiting practices are no longer working. New job categories are emerging and employment technologies are exploding. An evolving definition of work and acceleration in the automation of work will only intensify the competition for qualified workers. Join workforce futurist and employee selection veteran Ira Wolfe for his presentation on what’s working and what’s not in today’s world of talent acquisition. Ira will kick of the session with a sneak peek into the convergence of Wired, Tired, and technology, followed by a discussion about acquiring and managing talent in an age of Googlization.

 Val Grubb - Mastering the Art of Negotiation

f you think negotiation skills are only for sales people, think again! Every single relationship in your life entails some negotiation. True, it’s often linked to sales (or business), but limited perspective ignores the fact that negotiation pervades all aspects of your professional life. Trying to increase your team’s productivity? Leading a team of co-workers to complete a complicated project? Attempting to get the best deal from a vendor? Pitching a new product to a client? In all of these situations, you’ll have to negotiate to succeed. That said a successful negotiation isn’t about getting what at all costs. Rather, it is about engaging in a give and take with someone whose goals and agenda differ from yours, striving to reach a compromise that’s satisfactory to everyone involved. This class takes the mystery (or misery depending on your perspective!) out of a negotiation by creating a step-by-step process for analyzing what motivates each person involved and how you can bring all parties together to achieve success.

 Mack Munro  Margi Bush - How to Implement a Strategic Performance Management Initiative

In this session participants will learn to proactively initiate (or adeptly respond to a request for) a “Performance Management Program.” Specifically, they will learn techniques to identify need, gather relevant data, leverage performance management, and communicate findings to senior management. They will learn key areas to consider and standard traps to avoid falling into. Finally, they will learn how to keep a program energized and permanently ingrain it into the organization’s culture, all while communicating its success in the language of business. The tools and techniques in this session will dovetail into any performance management system already in place.

 Mario Bordogna, Esq - Uberization in the Workplace

Have you Ubered? Undeniably, Uber has helped lead a revolution in providing services through technology. However, like many progressive advances which hit workplaces quickly, it is sometimes hard to wrap your arms as quickly around the consequences these revolutions bring to your workforce. These days, the service economy business model is inspiring changes in all employer-employee relationships, and as a result, HR needs to re-evaluate their specific practices in employee classification, conducting background checks, and a lot more. This engaging session will detail how the Uberization of the Workplace is altering the legal landscape in these areas, and illustrate how HR can stay ahead of the curve n managing legal risks infiltrating the labor force in every industry as a result of these new service models.